Students across Ohio are launching rewarding careers as Building Trades Apprentices.

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What if you could get paid to study at a top-tier institution with a reputation for scholastic achievement and social prestige—with zero student-loan debt, full healthcare benefits, and guaranteed career growth?

As an Apprentice in an Ohio Building Trades Registered Apprenticeship Program, you can!

Due to the high demand for skilled tradespeople, young Ohioans have a tremendous opportunity to begin training for rewarding, lifelong careers in one of 12 dynamic building and construction trades. Ohio is home to more than 80 Building Trades training facilities where registered apprentices earn competitive pay and benefits while training with skilled journeymen to learn their craft. Working on actual construction sites during the day, Building Trades apprentices are building their futures as they help build their communities.

Learn how you can make the most of a Building Trades Apprenticeship in our TRADES magazine, filled with more useful information and how you can get started!

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